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Work With Me

The future you want may be closer than you think.

Imagine it’s 6 months from now and you and I are celebrating…..YOU.

Not only have you made your decision about your marriage, but you feel solid in that decision. It feels right and good.

You’ve learned how to create the time and space for what YOU need – to keep your spirits and your energy high.

But you also don’t make the “negative” emotions mean something has gone wrong. It’s a part of life we are all meant to experience. After all, without the “bad” stuff, we wouldn’t even know the “good” stuff when we saw it.

You now look forward to your future with optimism.

Where you once felt hopeless and like a victim of your circumstances, now you recognize how powerful you truly are because…

You’re no longer focusing on what you can’t control and instead, focusing on what you can.

Integrity – Confidence – Trust – Love

As you increase these things within yourself, a funny thing happens: Decisions become easy.

You have mental clarity that feels like….freedom.

With this clarity comes the certainty that your decision about your marriage comes from the most pure and loving intentions….

There is no guilt. No regret.

Just peace of mind.

Sounds amazing, right?

It all starts with a simple, 45 minute phone call.

You get a chance to share your struggles with someone who’s not going to judge or commiserate.

I’ll help you step back to envision what life would be like with your perfect ending.

Then, we’ll talk about what prevents that ending from becoming your reality.

You’ll get to know me, and I’ll get to know you.

And together, we’ll decide if it’s a good fit to work together.

No convincing. No pressure. No expectations.

You’ll leave the call with:


Someone finally listened to your story without judging you, offering you the same ‘ole advice on how to fix it, or basically telling you to “suck it up.”


Maybe there really is a way through this that doesn’t end with you feeling terrible.


Things you can begin working on immediately that will help you feel better.


Even if we decide it’s not a fit to work together, I’ll help in whatever way I can.

Okay, once I’ve committed – then what?

Well, that’s when the magic happens.

Our work will be customized
To what you need most.

Typically, these are the things we delve into:

Getting to Know Yourself:

Somewhere along the way, it’s highly likely you’ve lost a bit of yourself and what’s important to you. We’re going to help you come back to….YOU. Who you are. What you need. Why you believe what you do. Discover what’s missing. Then, we’re going to talk about how you begin to feel better – NOW – right where you are….without the need for anyone else to change a thing.


We’re going to unravel that mess in your brain (we’ve all got ‘em) and take a look at what’s going on from a more objective point of view. To question everything you thought you knew…just to verify whether it’s really serving you or not. And we’re going to help you learn to alleviate those intense emotions that often paralyze you (and your rational thinking.)

Building Trust:

Mostly in YOU. Because, let’s be honest, if you fully trusted that you would make the “right” decision, you would have done it already. You’re going to become your best advocate and intuitive guide. Oh, and did I mention boundaries? Yeah, that’s right. We’re going to talk about what they really are, how to set them, and how to follow through.

Creating vision:

This is the fun part! You get to dream about what you’d really like – without all the rules that you or anyone else has set for you. Nothing says you have to follow through if you decide you don’t want to, but we’re going to talk about all the possibilities!

Executing a Plan:

Whether you decide to stay or go, you’re going to be doing things differently. Different causes our brains to “freak out” because it’s not efficient, known, or comfortable. But we’re going to help you stay focused on the prize: getting clear so you can make your decision AND learn how to love your life no matter what.

You ready?

Still not sure?

How to know if this is for you in a nutshell:


  • On the outside, your life looks perfect. (At least, everyone else thinks so). On the inside, you feel hopeless, empty, and frustrated.
  • You’ve been thinking about leaving your marriage…But it seems like no matter what you decide, more unhappiness awaits.
  • You feel like you’ve tried everything to make it better but nothing has worked.
  • You’re tired of feeling this way.
  • You are committed to finding the answer and putting this whole chapter behind you.
  • All you want is to be happy….without jeopardizing the happiness of those you love.

Not yet.

  • You want to talk about how evil, selfish, or narcissistic your partner is but aren’t ready to take action to improve your own life.
  • You aren’t willing to make yourself a priority.
  • You’re struggling to get out of bed or take care of your basic hygiene.
  • You’re having serious thoughts of harming yourself or others.
  • You have a diagnosis that’s not being managed by the appropriate licensed mental health professional.

No matter what you decide – your brain will go with you.

So, if you don’t do the work now, you’ll find yourself repeating the same thoughts and behaviors that got you here. That’s the last thing I want for you….because I know how painful it is.

Stop the endless brain chatter that has you feeling like you’re watching a tennis match. (Stay – Go – Stay – Go). It’s time to become an active and intentional participant in creating the life you want.

I promise you, it’s not as hard or scary as it sounds!  ♥

Learn to love your partner AND yourself in new ways…and still have the freedom to choose the future that’s best for you and your family.

I want to get on the phone with you.