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Should I stay or Should I go?

I will help you make your decision AND teach you the secrets to living a more vibrant, fulfilling life either way.

When you can’t decide what to do about
your marriage and all you want is to be happy.

My name is Mindi.

After six years of working with five different couples therapists, I felt more hopeless about my marriage than ever. I was convinced I’d tried everything, and nothing had worked. My list of reasons to leave was extensive…..and yet, the list of reasons to stay was just as lengthy. It took me years to finally decide and move on with my life.

Looking back years later from a new perspective, I can clearly see the solution to the pain and suffering I’d experienced during my marriage. It seems like a secret known to only a select few, but I’m here to change that. You deserve to be happy – no matter what your spouse is doing (or not doing.)

I have been married more than half of my life. Multiple times. I knew that I wanted something different from and in my relationship. Deciding to stay or leave was a constant Tango of my emotions. It started to take over my life. Every day, a Roller Coaster.

I kept looking outside of myself to try and fix all of the issues. Mindi showed me first to look to myself. To understand what I really wanted. She helped me navigate my inner world with provocative questions and integrity. She coached me to an Olympic Gold Medal standard of decisions so I was able to pull myself out of a deep depression and I started to see the world again through possibility.

Relationships can distort clarity. Mindi’s Coaching cleared my distortions so that all of my decisions were clear, well thought out and I have been able to move forward with love and happiness for myself I can believe in a build a new life from.

– Sandra

I want to help you see what I wasn’t able to see.
the one thing I never knew to try.
And I was the key.

Just like you are the key.