Who Controls You?

Have you ever known someone who blames everyone else for whatever negative comes into their life?  How about someone who makes excuses for everything that doesn’t produce optimum results?  “He REALLY made me angry!”  “She upset me to the point of tears!”

What these people are saying is they are unaware they are in charge of their OWN feelings, their OWN actions and their OWN results!  No one can make us think, feel or act in a certain way without our permission.  Yes, bad things happen.  Yes, some people are nasty at times.  Yes, it’s hard to understand why.  However, how we respond to these experiences can either make or break our happiness…..and there is a HUGE difference between reacting and responding.  To react is to feel, act and then evaluate.  To respond is to evaluate, feel and then act.  Making a shift from reacting to responding alone will impact our results to a great degree!

We have a choice in everything we do!  One of those choices is to use our God-given ability to reject negative comments, walk away from adverse action and ignore thinking, which is counter-productive to our goals! Allowing others to bring us down is to hand them the keys to our future. I once heard a comment which illustrates this point very well:

“If you think others are the cause of your problems, you’re going to have to send the rest of the world to the psychiatrist for you to get better!”

The next time you feel yourself getting angry, sad, upset, anxious, nervous……fill in the blank with any negative feeling……realize you are choosing to feel that way.  It may be difficult to redirect your emotions, but you can choose to change your line of thinking and feel good.  Perhaps make a list of things that bring you joy and keep it with you so you can refer to it when you feel your mood slipping downward.  Positive affirmations are also extremely effective….even if you don’t believe them at first – keep saying them!

Don’t hand someone else the keys to your life!  They, most likely, will not live it in a way that will make you happy!



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