What You Seek is Here!

If you are not yet living the life of your dreams on the physical plane, the beautiful truth is that what you seek is already HERE!

You see – there are two sources of reference we can go to when studying life:  science and theology – and BOTH of them state that nothing is created or destroyed.  That means everything you could ever want or need is already here in one state or another….we simply need to become aware of it and how to manifest it so our physical senses can experience it!

Think about the example of an acorn.  Is there an oak tree in an acorn?

Of course not.  The patterned plan (or nucleus) of the oak tree is in the acorn, but the tree is in the universe!  When you plant the acorn in the ground, provided it has the appropriate environment – sunshine, dirt, free of weeds or rocks, etc. – it will begin to attract all of the energy it requires to grow!

Think about water.  If you heat water on the stove, it begins to boil, which turns the water into steam and then it “disappears” into air.  Is it gone?  No!  It’s still here!  The particles have simply become too small for us to see with our eyes!

Let’s now turn our attention to us.

Steve Bow once said:

“God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you will ever hope to use in your lifetime.  Your give to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as you can in your lifetime.”

There is no one alive who can even begin to imagine what you and I are capable of!  Every time someone breaks a record…..every time someone invents something new, which adds to the convenience of life….every time someone discovers the cure for a disease…..every time someone reaches farther, higher, faster than ever before we marvel over the achievement!  The ability to do those things have ALWAYS been here!  Someone simply needed to become aware of how to do it!

So, the next time you think “that’s impossible” “there’s no way” or “what a waste of time”….remember – someone has to be the first to think of it!  There IS a way!  You just need to find out what it is!

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