What Do You REALLY Want?

For some, knowing what they want is simple!  For people like me….we have to figure it out!  :o)  Most people stop themselves from wanting what they really want because they don’t believe they can do, be or have them!  As a matter of fact, just recently I asked a friend “What is it that you really want?” and his answer shocked me.  He told me he doesn’t want anything and he believes most people stop wanting at a certain point in life.  That would be fantastic if he were happy, but I happen to know he’s going through a very difficult time in life and has been quite depressed.  I interpreted his answer to mean he either doesn’t think he deserves better than what he has, or he doesn’t believe he can have it.  I felt so sad for him!


Just so we are clear, you can be grateful for what you have – and you should be!  However, the minute we stop dreaming, stop aspiring, stop wanting…..we stop growing and evolving!  Every convenience and luxury we have in life began as a dream in someone’s mind!  And the funny thing is – when these people made up their minds to create something no one had ever seen before, everyone thought they were crazy!  How many times do you think Thomas Edison tried to convince people his idea of the electric light bulb was going to work?  How many people do you think made fun of the Wright brothers for believing they could invent a machine that would fly?  These people desired something so big, so amazing that it motivated them to ignore the naysayers and persevere until they realized their dreams!  We are capable of so much if we just let ourselves want and we believe in our ability to achieve!


So, what do you really want?  Have you ever thought about it?

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