Why Bother with Visualization?

If I were to ask you to think of your house, what happens?  How about your car?  And your family?  What about your favorite food or place to travel?

Have you noticed what’s happening yet?

What do you see in your mind when you think of these things?  A picture!

We actually think in pictures!

Do you know what else?  When we don’t have a picture of what something is, our minds give us a picture of something we have seen before.  We associate the new object or idea to something we already know.

This is the reason visualization is so powerful….and why many find it to be so difficult.  Allow me to explain.

Many of us have heard that it’s important to visualize our goals.  We’re told to create a very clear picture in our minds of what we want as if it were already ours.  However, most of us haven’t actually seen or experienced exactly what we want, which makes it difficult to build the picture.  We’re left to piece different elements together like somewhat of a jigsaw puzzle to create the image we really want. While some may find this easier to do because they’ve developed their imaginations, I find that most of us struggle to see a picture with any real clarity.  It’s fuzzy, undefined, or there’s no sense of a picture at all.  This is where building our mental muscles of imagination and visualization come in handy.

You see….imagination and visualization are skills we can practice and, in doing so, our ability to be successful at them strengthens and improves.  It’s just like building your physical muscles by lifting weights – if you use them, they will become stronger.

Building Our Visualization Muscles

In order to help you learn how to visualize, follow these exercises to build your skills. Be patient with yourself if you’re a beginner.  This may come easily or it may take practice over a long period of time.

Phase 1

For this exercise, you will need a photograph.  Sit the photo in front of you and focus on the details.  Notice the colors, the lines, the shading.  Memorize as many details about the picture as you can.  When you are ready, close your eyes and try to re-create the picture within your mind.  If you need a reminder, simply open your eyes for a moment and then close them again.  Practice this exercise every day for at least 10 minutes until you are able to re-create the picture in your mind exactly the way it appears on paper.

Phase 2

Choose a small object that you can hold in your hands.  Again, examine it.  Memorize every detail.  The difference this time is that you’re not going to memorize only one, 2 dimensional side.  This time, I want you to rotate it in your hands so you can see what it looks like from every angle.  Now, close your eyes and re-create this object in your mind, first on one side and then use your mind to rotate it and view every side of it.

It’s Time to Expand

Phase 3

It’s time to increase the scope of our visualization practice to encompass our surroundings.

Sit in a comfortable position and take a look around the room.  Notice every detail.  What does the furniture look like?  What colors do you see?  How much light is there and are there any shadows or reflections?  Close your eyes and try to recreate the image in your mind down to as much detail as you can.  If you need a reminder, open your eyes for a moment and then close them again until you can picture the room in as much detail as if your eyes were open.

Phase 4

Let’s move on to a landscape that is not right in front of you.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself being transported through time and space.  Choose somewhere you’ve been on vacation, an old home, a restaurant – anywhere you wish.  Begin to recall details about this place.  Where did you sit?  What was to your right and left?  What colors do you recall?  How many other people were there?  Don’t worry about whether or not you get every detail perfectly the way it was in real life.  What matters is that you build a picture.  Imagine yourself walking through this landscape and how it moves around you as you go.

Phase 5

Are you ready to get really creative?  It’s time to go somewhere you’ve never been before.  It could be a vacation spot you want to visit.  You could imagine yourself on the moon.  What would it look like to be in a landscape designed by Dr. Seuss?  Build the details, the colors, the textures, the reflection of light or the darkness of the shadows.  Pick up a rock.  Wave to a friend.  Skip through the woods.  Whatever brings you joy.

Here is where the fun begins!

All of the exercises above were meant to develop a visual picture of what you choose to see in your mind.  However, the best part of visualization is yet to come!  The most enjoyable process of visualization is introducing the rest of the senses and the feelings associated with the visual you’ve created.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be in a landscape that brings you peace and joy.  See your surroundings with as much detail as possible.  Notice what you feel.  Is there a breeze blowing and if so, how does it move through your hair and clothing?  Do you feel the sun on your face or a gentle rainfall of water running down your skin?  What does your clothing feel like against your skin?  Reach down and pick something up.  Feel its texture, weight, temperature and shape.  Feel every sensation of this environment.

Listen to the sounds all around you.  Are there birds chirping in the trees or leaves rustling in the breeze?  Maybe there’s a stream or ocean nearby where you can hear the movement of water.  How about the laughter of children or words of affection from your companion.

What do you smell?  Go ahead – take a deep breath in through your nose!  The salt of the sea air or the smell of pine trees?  Are there flowers or perhaps your favorite meal on the grill? It could be the perfume of a loved one or the smoke of a roaring fire.

Lastly, is there anything in this environment for you to taste?  The tropical drink in your hand or the salt from the water splashed on your face?  Remember that meal on the grill?  Go ahead and take a bite. Savor all of the flavors as they come together in perfect harmony.

Now Feel it!

We’re now playing with all of our senses in our imagination – hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching.  It can be an amazing feeling to create whatever we want in our minds!  We can live wherever we want, do whatever we want, be whomever we want!  We can choose our friends, our careers, our possessions, our bank account balance…..and we can choose them all in our minds!  Imagine how you feel when everything you want is already yours!  It’s peaceful, exciting, relaxing, joyful.  It’s whatever you want it to be because it’s yours!

This change of emotion that we create with our minds is the shift in vibration we need to attract everything required to bring it into our reality.  Everything in the universe is vibrating and those things that vibrate on the same frequency are those things that are drawn together.  That’s where the Law of Attraction saying “like attracts like” comes from.  We vibrate or radiate at a certain frequency and the energy is so potent you can actually photograph it leaving our bodies.  We also utilize this energy to measure the health of our bodies.

It all Boils Down to This

Our subconscious minds cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  It simply takes whatever the conscious mind hands it.  Where most people look around and allow their current results to dictate their thoughts, feelings and actions, what we want to do is completely turn that around.  After all, if we allow our current results to dictate our thoughts, feelings and actions, all we’ll ever have will be on par with what we have right now.  We want to generate the thoughts of what we want in our minds, which then alters our feelings, actions and results.  Better results in any area of life begins by creating the picture of what we want with our minds.

Make it a daily practice to visualize what it is you truly want.  See it.  Sense it.  Feel it.  Be Grateful for it.  When the time is right, it will come.

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