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Schedule It – Time Management Essentials

Welcome to the final post in my Time Management Essentials series!  The last skill or action step I’d like to share is one that I feel very strongly about!  I’ve been tweaking how I go about it for a long time now and found that in order for me to balance my time effectively between my business, my kids and myself, I need to actually schedule it!

There are 3 kinds of days I recommend you schedule on your calendar as a time management habit:  (Yes, I mean that literally!  Take out your calendar and get ready!)

Focus days

These are days where 80% of your time is dedicated to your “core genius” – your primary area of expertise.  Interacting with the people, processes or products that will give you the highest payoff for the time you invest – your high priority tasks.  Turn off all distractions (electronic or otherwise) and really dedicate this time to productivity.  Hold yourself accountable for what you accomplish during this time.

The best thing about your core genius is that this should be something that not only increases your success but it’s also something you enjoy doing.

My Focus days are spent on product creation, coaching, training, speaking and networking with others.

Free days

Ahhhh…..(that’s a relaxed sigh)….these are your days OFF!  Yes!  Completely!  From midnight to midnight there is no working!  My favorite time management habit to have! No emails, no business calls, no appointments, no reading work-related articles – nothing.  Give yourself permission to be unavailable to your clients, co-workers, boss, and staff members….unless, of course there is a major emergency.  And “emergency” does not mean they “really need you to make a decision.”  An emergency is injury, death, or natural disaster!

I once dated a man (years ago) who gave me a pager so he could more easily contact me.   (Yes, I’m showing my age a bit!)  I made it very clear that during the day, while I was working, I would not respond to his pages unless it was an emergency.  Things went pretty well until one day, it happened – a page with his number and the dreaded “911” afterwards.  My heart skipped a beat, I dropped everything and quickly called his cell phone.  His “emergency?”  He was with a friend and they were trying to decide where we could all meet for dinner!  Talk about a time management nightmare! Needless to say, his pager was returned to him not too long after!

The important point about the focus days is to take some time for YOU – away from stress and responsibility.  This time is vitally important to your success.  It allows you to recharge your batteries and give your brain a rest so you can come back to it fully alert, aware and revitalized!  Being burned out is a recipe for time management and success disaster.

Admin days

Now that you have days to focus on the high priority tasks that drive your home or business and you have days to remember why you’re doing all of this in the first place, it’s time to take care of the other “stuff.”

That mountain of emails that needs cleaned up and organized.  The phone calls and appointments that need made.  Reorganizing your files or work space.  Planning your next steps.  All of these things need to be done, but are more geared towards helping you keep your sanity rather than producing direct results.  Although, of course, it is all related.

So, three different kinds of days.  You decide how to split the time in a way that works for you and the time you have available.

I hope you were able to find some actionable steps over the last number of weeks as we dove into the value of good time management.  I personally, feel time management is one of those things that can benefit us in our personal, social and professional lives in many ways!

If there is anything I can do to help you develop your time management or other habits to create more success and fulfillment in life, please reach out to me through my Contact Page.

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