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Keep Your Priorities Straight – Time Management Essentials

So far in our Time Management Essentials series, we’ve talked about:

With all of that taken care of….what do you have left? A task list of those things you need to complete yourself….and, most likely, you’ll still have more than you can get done in a day!  You will need to determine what time management tactics you will use to keep you focused.

Brian Tracy suggests that you prioritize by considering the consequences of each item on your task list. Assign a high priority to those items, which hold BIG consequences – they make a larger, more immediate impact on revenue or hold some other major value for your success. Items which feel more like a “should” and hold mild consequences are assigned a medium priority.  Lastly, the things you’d like to do, but they hold no real consequences one way or the other are assigned a low priority.

Brian actually offers an excellent (and free) 45 minutes training on how to “Kickstart Your Productivity” which I’ve watched and want to recommend for you as well.  In this video, he teaches How to Tackle the Most Common Time Management Mistakes.

Let’s face it – we all have those things we don’t really enjoy doing

If those are the things you can delegate….by all means, do it!  However, there are times when those important things that we don’t like doing really need our personal attention.  I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to want to put them off.  Don’t allow yourself to do this!

Allowing yourself to fall into the great temptation to work on what is easiest or will take the least amount of time first will doom your time management practice to failure. Doing what is easiest has never been the path to success! The most important thing will always come with a bit of a challenge. Facing that challenge is how we grow and evolve into more than we are!

Depending on your circumstances and whether you are working on your success full time or part time, choose 3-6 tasks (in order of priority.) In the evening before you turn off the light, write out your task list which you will complete during your next focus period.  Time management is about effective planning because once each minute, hour, or day that passes, you can never get back!

Research suggests that our brains process information in numerous ways during sleep.

We can actually make decisions, organize thoughts, scroll away memories, clear out toxins and make creative connections.  Going over your task list immediately before bed allows this miraculous functionality work toward your success even while you sleep!  Doesn’t that sound like an extremely efficient application of time management?

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a startup entrepreneur or an established professional, time management is an integral component of success.  (That’s why I’m devoting so much time to it lately!)  If you could use a little help planning your time and prioritizing your task list, reach out to me through my Contact Page.



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