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Delete it and Set Boundaries – Time Management Essentials

How often do you read down through your “to do” or task list? I mean….the whole way through it?  We create habits to assist us with our time management, but there are times when having a task list can also work against us.

It’s not uncommon for me to read down though my task list and find numerous items I’ve already done, things that are no longer in line with my path or sometimes (I’m almost embarrassed to admit) I have no idea what they even mean! Yes, that’s definitely a flaw in my task list and time management habits! However, if I haven’t done anything with it for a year, does it behoove me to spend time staring at it and torturing myself to try to remember what it was all about? If it was that important to my success, it will come back to me. Therefore, I delete it from my task list.

Keep in mind that ideas continue to evolve over time, so something you felt was important 6 months ago may no longer hold the same value.

Time management can easily and quickly be improved by simply keeping your task list clean, concise and relevant.

Make an anti-task list to improve your time management!

If you want to increase your results, free time and income, you will need to learn to focus your energies on those activities, people, resources, and opportunities which provide the most value and return for your investment.

We’ve already talked about saying “no” to requests when they are not in line with what we want as a way to improve our time management.  We’ve also addressed deleting items that are no longer relevant from our “regular” task list.  What if we were also to create an “anti- task list?” These are requests or activities we won’t even entertain. Essentially you’re creating a “policy” of those things in which you will not participate.

How is this different from saying “no?”

Rather than taking the time to receive and evaluate all requests, establishing somewhat of a “policy” of things you will not do is pre-determined. Therefore, you will eliminate or at least cut down on the number of requests to which you must respond.

Time management is a topic everyone is familiar with and most people will respect your boundaries IF you remain firm about them.  They will even respect you more for being open and honest about what you are not willing to do.

Providing your anti-task list to your support team, family, friends and employees will allow them to decline or filter those things you will not do before they ever reach you.

How are you doing so far at honing your time management skills?  Are you implementing any of the ideas we’ve covered? If you’re struggling, for whatever reason, with creating more time and space for your higher purpose, feel free to reach out to me!  I’d be happy to walk you through the process of getting clear on what you want and creating an effective task list (and anti-task list) to bring it into your reality.

You can create the change you need…..and I’d like to help!


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