Relating Thought to Self-Image

Through my studies the last few months, it has come to my attention that I have more negative habits than I ever realized! Oh, I always knew I was a procrastinator and I was indecisive, but I didn’t realize how terrible my attitude was!  And now I know it was my self-image and my paradigms, which were causing these negative behaviors. I didn’t think my self esteem was too bad, but I’m starting to realize I have limited myself and what I’m capable of.  No one else is holding me back.

If I don’t like my position at work, I have choices!  Perhaps I could find a new job. Adjusting my work habits to make my position more enjoyable is another option. Re-aligning my perspective to focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative is possible. Lastly, I can (if I choose) continue to proceed as I have been and continue to be unhappy! I used to blame others for my negative results and I used to look at those who were progressing and wish I were them.


It’s time to take responsibility for my life, my actions, my self-image and my results! :o)

So far, it’s been an amazing journey and I can feel my attitude become more positive every day. It’s not uncommon to find myself stopping in mid-sentence, realizing what I was about to say was negative, and then re-arranging my perspective to put a positive spin on whatever it was.

The re-evaluation of thinking takes conscious effort and determination as we’re conditioned into the habit of thinking a certain way.  When we begin to pay attention to the conversations going on in our heads, we become more aware of what we hold to be true.  Awareness is the first step to any change.  This enables us to consciously choose to change our internal dialog.  With a little intention and a lot of determination, soon we are thinking more positively and in doing so, we increase our self-image, we become more creative and the results we produce become more positive.

If you are interested in learning how to think more positively and in having someone hold you accountable to do so, reach out to me on my Contact page and let’s get started!

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