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Mindi Burke is an expert coach who I would recommend to everyone who wants to take their professional life and personal life to the next level or has a desire to increase the happiness in life. Mindi is a high-energy resource who will instantly get you moving toward your professional and personal goals. She knows the right questions to ask and the actions that need to be taken to get you to where you ultimately want to be. She is an expert in all areas of personal development and genuinely cares about the people she works with. I have had the privilege to work with Mindi for the past year. In this past year I have identified my life’s passion and work. Mindi is honest and caring. She won’t let you feel sorry for your self or side step the most obvious when you want to ignore the elephant in the room. I have been so thankful for her honest approach. She asks the hard questions as well as the the deepest questions of the heart.

-Sandra Grace
Infinite Circles Publishing & WNC Woman Magazine

Mindi – Thank you for providing the team building and success workshops for our team. Learning how to increase positivity and teamwork in the work environment has been a great bonus to my career and outlook! I especially loved the group activities that you led during our workshops as it promoted stronger interpersonal relationships. I would definitely recommend your services to businesses or individuals looking to foster growth in their lives!

– Shauna
SailPoint Identity &  Access Management Administrator in a regional bank

“Very Impressed, your work stands out like a beacon….I’m using and sharing with clients.”  – Sharon

“I always patiently wait for your mail.  It really motivates and inspires me to achieve what I want in my life.  Thank u again for these mails and please keep sending it covering all spheres.”  – Babak

“Beautifully said…..I love reading your inspirational emails.  I profoundly enjoy reading these ‘food for thought’…..please continue sending these to my email address……do not stop…..thank you.”  – Elli

“Thanks Mindi for your love for humanity and I’m so grateful for all you’ve been teaching me through your e-mails.  Thanks and may God reward you for your good labour of love.”  – Henry

“One thing which I love about your mails is that there is a spiritual touch to every subject which you talk about.  It’s indeed a pleasure hearing from you.”  – Prem

“Love you loads mindi…Each day I look forward to your mail n rejoice the contents of it n they resonate with me to the core.  Thanks for putting your thoughts in simple lucid language so that each one connected with you enjoys to the fullest.  Keep doing the good work n expanding.”  – Malina

“I really love your below message and I really appreciate the way you are writing the true inner voice feelings of human being, as most of us ignore that voice inside, not understanding that we can do but yes, as you said we can do anything as we wish…I completely agree with you.  Thank you very much for your valuable tips and motivation.”  – Kadri

“Hi Mindi I love your Belief Action Results I have been using it now for about a month and I can see the vast difference it makes in my life through my thought life. As a born-again, Christian who reads her Bible every day I know what the power of our thoughts can do ( no matter the religion we believe in or practice) what your teaching does for me is reinforcing the truth about who I am and keeping me focus on that truth. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”  – Farrah

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