Stop Telling Lies!

Did you know that what most often holds us back from achieving our dreams are simply the lies we tell ourselves? We are in control of our thoughts, feelings and actions. No one else can tell us how to live, what to believe, how to feel or what we are capable of unless we hand them control.

I’ve found there are 3 lies we tell ourselves, which stop us in our tracks and prohibit us from moving toward our dreams:

1. “I don’t know where to start.”

Here’s a little secret: No one “knows” where to start! However, if we have faith in our dreams and believe we can achieve them, we will be shown what to do. The path is revealed at the right time, just when we need it, through our intuition or that “gut feeling” we should do something! Unfortunately, most of us ignore that voice inside, not understanding that we can have, do or be anything we set our minds to! Jack Canfield (the Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) explains this concept by providing a visual of a car driving through the night. You can drive all the way from California to New York in the dark simply because the headlights reach 100-200 feet in front of you. You don’t have to see the whole route. You simply need to see the next 200 feet. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” If you want to see your dreams made real, you’ve got to stop telling yourself you don’t know where to start and get started!

2. “I don’t have any money.”

If you take the time to do research on successful people, you will find that many of them came from very humble beginnings. Many come from positions of poverty, perceived disabilities, abuse and loss.  Until you make the decision to move forward toward your dreams, you don’t need any money. However, when you make an unshakable decision you will get what you’re after and you will not quit until you do, all of the money, opportunities and resources will find you – every time!

3. “I don’t have the necessary talent or abilities.”

God created every one of us in his own image. We are all part of his great plan and we are perfect. We were put on this planet to achieve great things and we all have the same power flowing to and through us. The best part is, we are also unique so we each have our own desires and dreams, which do not interfere with the dreams of others. There is an infinite supply. If we have a burning desire to achieve some particular dream, rest assured we are capable of reaching it! Begin to study yourself and expand your understanding and you will soon become aware of all of the greatness within you!

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