Programming Your Brain?

Recently I watched a webinar on the topic of brain plasticity and I am truly intrigued! Our minds are such an AMAZING creation – truly the most powerful creation in the world! (Not to be confused with the Creator, of course!)

I’ve seen and read things about the brain, but in this webinar, I listened to doctors, psychiatrists and scientists who spoke about scientific evidence supporting “brain training.” They shared studies and findings, which were so fascinating to me that I wanted to share this video explaining the concept to you:

>> Neuroplasticity <<

There is scientific proof that we can re-program our subconscious minds and we can do this in one of two ways:

Emotional Impact – This is a sudden and jarring event or experience causing your emotions to become shocked. It’s rare and of course, not something you can plan!
Constant Repetition – Presenting ideas over and over again I’ve heard Jack Canfield (co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) talk about an experiment performed by NASA years ago.

They had a group of astronauts wear concave lens glasses for 24 hours a day in the hopes of discovering how they would respond to the kind of disorientation they may experience in outer space. (Their view through the glasses would turn everything upside down and backwards.)

They suspected the astronauts may encounter mental or emotional distress through the experience. However, after 25-30 days, something happened that no one expected!  Every single one of the astronaut’s brains built new neural pathways and corrected the orientation of the images in their outside world!

In a subsequent test, they did the same thing, but had half of the astronauts take the glasses off after 15 days for 24 hours and then put them back on. In this experiment, it took another 25-30 days for the brains of these individuals to rebuild the neural pathways and flip the images right side up!

Why is this so important?

You must do something for at least 30 days in a row….without fail… begin to reprogram your brain!

Be clear about the image you want to program into your mind…..begin now…..and be consistent!

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