Have You Discovered Your Life’s Purpose?

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Today I’d like to talk about your life’s purpose!  Having a primary purpose or goal in life is essential in order to help us live a happy and fulfilled life!  If you have no purpose in life – no goal to strive for – what is to motivate you to do better, achieve more, live fuller, expand your awareness or accomplish all of the great things you were destined to do?


So many people go through life one day at a time – living the same way today they did yesterday…..wishing they could have, do or be more, but never believing they can.  They never dare to dream of the things they can accomplish if they were to make a decision to do so, believing they have no control of their future.  They are tossed about on the sea of life, simply going with the current, no matter where it takes them.


Imagine if you found an idea that excited you so much you enjoyed thinking about it, planning for it and taking action towards it!  You couldn’t wait to get up in the morning so you could start on your plan for the day.  You were so motivated to accomplish it, nothing could get in your way!  Imagine what a sense of achievement you would feel by taking effective action every day in the direction of your goal!


I can tell you it’s an AMAZING feeling to have a purpose in life!  Just like most other people out there, I had big dreams to accomplish big things early on in life.  However, the confusion of what to do, the lack of direction, the ridicule and disapproval of others “put me in my place.”  (Or so I thought at the time.)  The truth is, I didn’t have a purpose.  I knew I wanted certain things – a family, love, happiness, health, etc, (you know, the things everyone wants) but I didn’t have a primary goal that excited me to take action.  So, when I tried this and that, I quickly got frustrated or lost interest.  I gave up when it got too hard because I wasn’t inspired!


So, I began a journey inward in search of the missing puzzle piece.  I made the decision that I was going to change my life!  I wasn’t going to go on living day to day simply existing.  I was going to find a dream, no matter what it took, that inspired and motivated me so much, I would NEVER give up on reaching it!  It was not an easy journey and it did not happen quickly.  I learned a lot about myself along the way….some of it was very eye-opening.


Now that I know what I want with such certainty and clarity, I have a sense of freedom!  I have a reason to get up every day and something to work toward – except, it doesn’t feel like work because I LOVE IT!  It feels so right, it doesn’t matter to me what anyone else says, how anyone else responds when I talk about it, how much disapproval I see on faces……this is MY life and NOTHING is going to stop me from achieving my dream!


I want to share with you how I figured out my life’s purpose because I’m sure there are many of you out there who don’t have a purpose, but want one and don’t know where to start.  I didn’t have a clue where to start!  All I knew was that I was going to look until I found it!  So, that’s the first thing you need to be willing to do!  Be determined!  Look for your purpose with the intention of finding.  Expect to find the answers you are seeking.  Know that if you never give up, it’s only a matter of time until the light goes on and you become aware of what you really want!


I believe you already know what you want….deep down inside of you.  You’ve probably been telling yourself for so long you can’t have it – you’ve buried it deep within and long ruled it out as a possibility.  You need to discover it again…as if you were a child dreaming of the day when you expect to become whatever it is you desire!


After I made the decision that I was going to find my purpose, I began making lists.  I made a TON of lists!  It was my way of getting my creative juices flowing and putting on paper everything that came to mind, no matter how small.  I had a notebook with all of my lists and I added to them frequently.  Here are some examples:

Things I want to do

Things I want to be

Things I want to have

Things I love to do now

Things I loved to do as a child

Things I’m good at

Things I like about me

How I can make money from home

Winners I know and the traits I admire about them

Moments in my past where I felt happy

Places I’d like to go

Important lessons I’ve learned

Things I do at work, which I enjoy

Volunteer work I’ve done

Chores I enjoy


The next step I took was to cross-reference the lists.  Did something particular show up on multiple lists?  Was there something I came across that I’d long forgotten about, which I really enjoyed doing?  I asked myself an endless array of questions.  Then I began to research.  I searched on Google for different ways to make money, ways to meet people, charities to support through volunteer work, pictures of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to have and ways to learn more about my interests.  I began to invest in myself through products to help expand my awareness and through personal coaching to help guide me and encourage me.  I asked God to open my eyes, send me the resources I need and the opportunities I was seeking.


I did not give up until I found it!  And, in my case, it was something that I’d considered 15 years prior, but wrote it off for numerous reasons.  I had myself so convinced that I “couldn’t do it” I suppressed it from all possibility.  I had to literally dig it out, brush off the cobwebs, polish it and find a nice, new place for it in my conscious mind, so I can think of it often and once again dream about how wonderful it would be to accomplish it.  I inspired myself again and began working toward it….enjoying every moment of it!


If you are out there right now and you don’t know what you want in life – I can assure you, the answer is within you.  Be determined to find it – don’t quit until you do.  You will be so glad you did!  :o)

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