Dare to Believe in Yourself!

If you ask a small child what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll give you all kinds of answers – a dancer, a fireman, an astronaut, Harry Potter, a Lego designer….almost anything you can think of.  They dream big and beautiful dreams with full faith that they can do whatever their heart desires!  So, why is it that most adults end up going to work for someone else in a job they don’t enjoy and resolve to just “get by” while counting down the years to retirement?

At some point, our dreams, our creativity, our purpose in life is stifled.  That light, which gives us great hope and expectation burns out and we fall in line with the conditioning of the culture around us.  That conditioning teaches us that if you just go to college and get a degree, work hard and treat people fairly….you’ll win in life.  And yet the percentage of people who go through this process…..AND feel happy, fulfilled and are financially secure….is extremely low!

How many times have you heard someone (maybe even yourself) say “You’ll never be able to make a living doing that,” “Don’t quit your real job, ” or “You’re throwing your money away” when it comes to entertaining the idea of moving into a non-conventional career? Can you see the look of disapproval on the faces of your family and friends? Can you feel the tension created by the negative vibrations radiating from their body? Suddenly, you wish you hadn’t shared the idea you were so excited about just minutes before and you feel ashamed for even considering “bucking the system.” I’ve been there and I know the more this situation occurs, the more that light inside dims and the more you sweep your ambitions, dreams and desires under the rug.

Why do you think most people respond in this negative fashion when someone wants to “step out of line” from what culture says is acceptable? There is only one answer – ignorance. I’m not talking about lack of intelligence….I’m talking about lack of awareness. They just don’t know any differently. They are giving you the only knowledge, which was given to them! Since the beginning of time, the masses have been going in the wrong direction – following those before them and around them…never daring to question.

When you re-discover your dreams, your life’s purpose and your passions…..and decide to march to the beat of your own drum, you can begin to design a new and exciting life – a more fulfilling and abundant life than you ever knew possible!  Stop living someone else’s dream! Stop believing in the lie that working longer and harder is the way to success and security and WAKE UP to what you really want in life! Dare to believe in yourself and your abilities to do, be and have anything your heart desires! You are God’s greatest creation, full of infinite potential and His never-ending power! What are you waiting for?

“If you’re going to follow other people and you see a large group going one way and one or two going the other way, follow the one or two, you’ll probably never make another mistake as long as you live.” Bob Proctor

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