The Only Cause of Failure – Just ONE

One of the things I truly enjoy about my weekends is watching my kids play sports. My 7 year old daughter plays soccer/futbol/football and my 9 year old son plays baseball. Obviously at these ages, there is a wide range of talent as they are all learning.

Today, it was soccer. During the game, all the little girls were running around the field chasing the ball in one giant blob of feet (they haven’t yet learned how to┬áspread out so they can pass the ball) and one of the girls tripped on the grass and fell down. She sat and cried….not of pain, but of embarrassment.

It got me to thinking……how many people fall down in life and never get back up….simply because their pride won’t allow them to continue.

Have you ever tried something, but it didn’t go quite right? Perhaps someone laughed at you, broke up with you, didn’t buy what you were selling. Perhaps you didn’t get the grade/score you wanted, you weren’t accepted, didn’t get the part or you didn’t have the money to proceed.

There are many obstacles in life and each one of them presents a choice. You can decide which way you want to go. You can choose to keep going – no matter what you face….or you can choose to sit down and give up. Perhaps you will make a choice today that takes you in a new direction, only to face another obstacle….and another….and another. At every turn, you have a choice.

Let’s be completely clear……the only thing, which causes failure is when you give up! Everything else is just a lesson learned!

At one time, Thomas Edison was being interviewed about his invention of the light bulb. The young interviewer said “Mr. Edison, you sure did fail a lot!” Mr. Edison’s response? “Young man, I have not failed! I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!”

So, when you fall down (and you WILL fall down – everyone does) take only the time you need to decipher what is not working….get up…..dust yourself off…..and keep going!

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