Burn It & Forget About It!

We all have negative programming to some degree.

The words “I can’t” can not only destroy your belief in yourself – it also physically weakens you, lessens the confidence others have in you and by simply saying the words, you are programming your subconscious mind and body to fall into a negative vibration, which calls the negative result into existence!

Please, “hear” me when I say – you were created by the Infinite Creator and given unlimited power and potential! You are capable of achieving anything and everything you seriously want when you apply the principles I’ve been sharing with you!

So, in order to make a symbolic testament to your commitment as well as to clear these negative thoughts and feelings out of your mind….I have a little fun for you!

I did this at the suggestion of one of my mentors and it felt really liberating and empowering so I wanted to
share it with you!

Make a list (Surprise! – You know how I love my lists!) of everything you feel is holding you back. Every excuse
you use to justify why you can’t do, be or have what you want. Every negative emotion that creeps up when you
think about daring to step out and be different. Every fear, every doubt, every circumstance that you feel
causes you to stay where you are.

(Now, typically I would not ask you to focus your attention on the negatives – I was very hesitant to do this when the assignment was given to me – but you can spend a few minutes on it here and there for a few days to be sure you get everything. The key is to not dwell on them….we don’t want to bring your vibration down before we get to the good part!)

Now, in a safe environment (I got out a pan and put it in my sink. You can use a fireplace, the neighborhood bonfire, your bathtub…whatever you have available to keep from burning down your house) and I want you to physically BURN your list of negatives!

As all of your negative emotions – fears, doubts, worries, negative self-talk – are going up in flames, I want you to say (out loud) “These negatives are no longer in control of me! I am free!” (Feel free to change the statement to something, which speaks more to your heart, if you like!  The point is to make a positive declaration that you will
no longer be controlled by negative thoughts, feelings or actions!)

Make the commitment in your mind and for your life that you will never look back!

The past is GONE and you can live every day to your fullest potential to create the life you want!

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