Become an Inverse Paranoid

Did you know you were programmed to be negative?

We were all programmed to be negative.

To think there’s not enough to go around:

“Take your hands off that!”
“You need to share”
“We can’t afford that”

To notice our mistakes:

Red marks on our school papers
Constant correction from our parents and teachers
Time out for bad behavior

To feeling like we’ll never be good enough:

The poor review at work
Hearing those dreaded words from the love of your life “I just want to be friends”
Disappointment written on the face of our loved ones

Our attention has always been drawn to the negatives around us, so that’s what we tend to see the most….and it’s not an easy thing to change!

It takes time to reprogram our brains to begin to notice the good around us:

The smile from the stranger
The extra $3 off your purchase
A subtle compliment from your boss
A reward for a job well done
Extra hugs and kisses from our loved ones

Take the time right now to look back over your day and notice the good things. There is good in every day. If you didn’t see something today….look for it tomorrow and the next day and the next day. The more you look for the good….the more you’ll begin to notice it!

I read recently a wonderful quote by W. Clement Stone:

“I am an inverse paranoid. I believe the world is plotting to do me good today!”

You might use Mr. Stone’s words for yourself at the beginning of every day and you’ll feel your day start in an optimistic and up-beat way!


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