Mindi Burke

Mindi Burke is a transformational coach, trainer and speaker who inspires and empowers her clients and audiences to raise their personal and professional B.A.R. (Beliefs, Actions and Results.) Her passion is to help others release the internal programming that restricts their progress, move into a new level of confidence and develop the skills necessary to design and create their ideal lives.

From rock bottom to successful entrepreneur, studying personal growth and human potential for almost 20 years with internationally known experts such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield has given Mindi the knowledge and experience necessary to lead others to a brighter future.

As a former corporate manager, she understands how to bring a team of individuals together and foster their individual talents and skills, while inter-weaving each contribution into a cohesive unit of performance and productivity.

Outside of the corporation, Mindi feels passionately about helping those who have lost their zest for life re-discover their true passions – supporting them in becoming a more fulfilled and authentic version of themselves. Mindi does this through her one-on-one coaching, group trainings, speaking, writing and sharing of valuable products and services.


Mindi lives in the Eastern United States with her two young children and enjoys chasing them around the many sports fields and courts on which they play – sometimes even lending a hand with the coaching.  When she’s not gasping for breath from all that exercise, she loves to spend time with family and friends laughing and connecting through conversation and shared interests.

She feels grateful every day to have the opportunity to help others discover their true happiness as a fulfilling and rewarding career and is also blessed to be able to volunteer at the local Habitat for Humanity organization.

My purpose is to thoughtfully, patiently and intentionally inspire
and empower others to increase their confidence, discover their purpose
and pursue their dreams in order to transform our internal and
external worlds for optimum love, joy and freedom.

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