A Vision to Strive For…

Strive:  To make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

What are you striving for?

If you’ve answered “nothing”…..I strongly suggest you find something!  

Did you know that if you’re not growing, learning, striving for better….you are actually going backwards?  It is a fundamental law of the universe that NOTHING stays the same!

“I like it just the way it is” in an impossible and unfortunate way of living because everything around you is changing and evolving and if you don’t change and evolve with it….you’ll soon be left behind!

The easiest way to find something to strive for is to develop your passion, purpose and vision….

Vision is how you see your ideal life – if you could live any way you chose:

Spiritual/Emotional/Mental Growth and Development

Do you attend seminars or go back to school to earn your degree?
Do you meditate or go on spiritual retreats?
Have you gone to a therapist to resolve past hurt or resentment?


What kinds of friends do you have and what do your relationships with them feel like?
Have you found your soul mate?  What are their values and interests?
What kinds of things do you do with your family to stay closely connected?


Have you discovered the career which brings you joy and fulfillment?
What is your daily routine?
What kinds of people surround you?


How much money are you making?
What do you have planned to create an income in the future?
Do you have savings, investments, retirement accounts, etc?


What is your exercise and nutritional regimen?
Are you free of discomfort and disease?
What are your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc.?

Contribution to Society

What charitable contributions do you make?
Do you volunteer your assistance anywhere?
Are you actively lobbying for change in a specific area?

Personal Time/Fun/Recreation

How do you spend your leisure time?
Who do you spend that time with?
How often do you travel and to where?

Environmental Surroundings/Materialistic Items

What kind of house do you live in?
What kind of car do you drive?
Has your wardrobe been professionally tailored?

When you have every detail designed and documented, share it with a close friend whom you trust to be supportive and positive.  You may be surprised how similar their vision is to yours and how much you can help each other to achieve your goals!

Remember not to limit yourself!  You can do, be and have anything you truly desire….when you put in the time and effort to make it so!  :o)


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