Facing Our Inner Voice

Have you ever noticed that when someone says something to you or about you that you KNOW is not true…..it doesn’t upset you, does it?  Because you KNOW it’s not true!

If I told you your hair is purple….would that upset you?

How about if I said you eat horse manure for dinner?

So, why do we allow some comments to upset us and some we don’t?

When we become upset about certain topics, somewhere deep down inside of us, there is self-doubt surrounding that topic.  We fear there may be an element of truth to what was said and therefore, we feel uncertain, insecure, angered, vulnerable.

When things like this happen…..you become upset about something another may have said about you….take a moment to reflect on why.  Why did the topic at hand penetrate your confidence?

As an example, in my own life, I was working for a boss who frequently questioned my knowledge and my decisions in such a way that I felt like I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, decisive enough, assertive enough.  It wasn’t until I stopped to consider why I constantly felt deflated every time I left his office that I finally realized – it wasn’t how HE felt about me that was so upsetting – that didn’t matter.  The issue was how I felt about me.

These circumstances are a blessing in disguise because they bring those things to the surface, which need to be addressed.  This is where you might want to focus some time and energy to explore, evaluate and begin to repair.  Work on them one at a time until your sensitivity to them dissolves and your true confidence shines through!


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